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Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Website Marketing

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Internet marketing has grown to be extremely popular in recent times and every major website needs to either promote or sell their goods and services over the internet to achieve success. Website marketing is a phrase that is extremely common in the industry today, since it is related towards achieving business success and it can really help grow your business. If you are looking for reasons why your business should use website marketing, then here are some of them:

Increase Product Awareness:

Customers today want to be immediately aware of the products and services that they are purchasing. So if you want to make sure that consumers in your market are well informed about your products and services, website marketing is the way to go about it. The internet is the hub of all information and there is no better place to increase product awareness than on the internet.

Reach Out to a Broad Audience:

If you are looking to target a large consumer base then website marketing is an absolute essential for your business. There are other forms of marketing that are popular, but none can match the widespread appeal and the propensity to reach out to a wider and bigger audience than website marketing. Nearly two third of the world’s population now has access to the internet and you can reach foreign markets quite easily through website marketing.

Cost Effectiveness

Other forms of marketing can prove to be quite costly when they are compared with website marketing, which is why a lot of businesses prefer it. You don’t need to put a lot of money into website marketing, since the internet is free of cost and you can gain easy exposure for your brand, products and services over the internet through website marketing. You can even be more aggressive with your marketing approach this way and ensure that you are not piling up your costs.

Easily Accessible for Consumers

One of the standout reasons why your business should consider website marketing is that your business will be easily accessible for consumers. They will be able to reach out and purchase your products and services no matter where they are and what time it is. Your website will be online around the clock and there will no issues when you are sleeping, since you don’t have to be awake to ensure that a sale has been made.

Increased Sales

There is no secret about the fact that most consumers today are focused on shopping online. The convenience and ease of access means that they don’t have to leave their homes or take too much time out of their busy lives in order to shop for products and services. So if you focus on website marketing you will be able to reap the benefits in the form of increased sales. It will also play a major role in transforming your business and will allow you to achieve recognition and success fairly easily and quickly.

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The Most Crucial Pay per-Click Mistakes that Can Cost You Money!

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Pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest ways in which you can draw potential customers towards your brand. There are lots of tools that you can use in Pay-per-click, the majority of which are targeted towards Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords as well. However, things can go wrong if you don’t use Pay-per-click marketing in the manner that is not intended. There are bound to be some errors that show up when you use Pay-per-click marketing and it can cost you a lot of money.

This is the reason why it is important that you learn about the importance of pay-per-click advertising and how you can avoid making mistakes that will end up costing you at the end of the day.

Sending Visitors to Your Home Page

This is quite a common error and it can easily be resolved by businesses. If you are marketing a product or service and using Pay per-Click services, then always direct the consumer to the landing page of the intended product or service, rather to the homepage of your website. Consumers are extremely impatient on the internet and they little patience in navigating through your website, so make sure that you don’t lose out on potential customers and clicks by directing them directly to the intended product or service on your website.

Sending Visitors to Contact Page

A lot of businesses tend to use Pay-per-click advertising in order to send their customers to the contact page. The reason behind that is they want the customers to sign up for their newsletters or for generating more leads through email form submissions. This can backfire spectacularly and often does, since it tends to drive away visitors that are left frustrated. Not many customers have the patience to fill out forms once they have been directed to your website and it is not a smart strategy.

Failing to Split-test the Ad Text

In order to ensure that you get the most effective results from the text you should avoid running pay-per-click advertisements if you haven’t at least tested them first. You don’t want to provide a bad user experience to your customer and it will not have the desired result that you expected if you don’t provide your customers with quality services. So don’t neglect the importance of split-testing the ad text if you don’t want to lose any more money through pay-per-click services.

Relying on the ‘Broad Match’ keyword Ads

Whenever customers search for an intended product or service the broad match keywords also show up as part of the search. However, if you have based your marketing strategy on the broad match keyword advertisements then you are running a risky business and are bound to lose money. This is because you will lose relevance in the eyes of the customer and you should set your advertisement phrases towards ‘exact match’ rather than broad match in order to increase the chances of traffic on your website.

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Learn How to Do Direct Marketing that Doesn’t Come Off as Annoying

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It is important that you take on direct marketing seriously, since it can really turn around the fortunes of your business. It is incredibly popular amongst digital marketers as well, but for the most part it has started to come off as annoying to many consumers. This needs to change if any business wants to take advantage of the vast potential of direct marketing.

The problem for marketers has been how to use direct marketing effectively, and many of them have been lost in trying to find the right answers. Some of the most common direct marketing methods that are used today include the following:

  • Telemarketing
  • Direct mail
  • Internet, or online marketing
  • Direct response advertising

In order to become more effective at direct marketing, the marketers will need to focus on becoming more educated about the various concepts of direct marketing.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most common forms of direct marketing and it is one form that is still considered to be pretty in demand even today. However, unwanted mail can often turn into junk mail and it can annoy consumers who will simply report it as spam and stop doing business with the company. No one wants to lose customers when they are simply informing their customers or promoting their products, so make sure that when you use direct mail, only do it sparingly or when it is absolutely necessary.


Some say that telemarketing is dead in this day and age, but it is still one of the most common forms of direct marketing today. It is also one of the most hated forms of marketing, and it is so annoying to consumers that there is even a law created, which is known as the ‘Do Not Call Registry’. In order to use telemarketing more effectively make sure that consumers you are targeting prefer this form of direct marketing.

Direct Response Advertising

Direct Response Advertising is also extremely common as a direct marketing tool, but it can turn to be extremely dull and annoying to most people as well. The main goal of advertising is informing people about the products and services, and they should not be reminded constantly that they have to purchase this product or service. Therefore, it is important that you use direct advertising when you are certain that the product that you are using is one that will be extremely popular amongst the masses and they will prefer being reminded again and again about it.

Internet Marketing

One of the most popular forms of direct marketing is internet marketing and the majority of consumers do prefer this form of marketing. However, it can also turn out to be quite frustrating for the majority of consumers, since the repetition of information and the constant reminders to purchase items from the business can often get on the nerves of people online. Therefore, companies should pay special attention to the needs of the consumers and only provide internet marketing at convenient times.

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The 4 New Mobile Apps That Will Change Everything Today

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There are plenty of new apps that come around every single year, and while most of these applications tend to fail, there are some that bring about a change in the industry. There have been plenty of changes that have come around in the digital media channels every single year and a lot of them have completely changed the way that marketing is done today. New advancements in technology means that developers are coming with new and unique applications that are designed to really enhance the user experience and offer a real cutting edge to the business that employs it.

There is a plethora of new apps that have really taken the industry by storm and if you are looking to make a difference in the industry then you will definitely have to look at the 4 new mobile apps that are going to affect change in the industry. So here it is, the 4 new mobile apps that will change everything today:

BuzzFeed News

The latest new app from BuzzFeed has definitely made its presence felt and the latest iOS app is called BuzzFeed News. The application is offering major stories, and allows easy sharing of content from BuzzFeed and other channels. It is one of the best applications around today to provide the latest stories, viral content and trending headlines on social media all in one place. The millennial population today gets their fix of political and trending news from social media, and this latest application from BuzzFeed has made it incredibly easy to share news and content from different channels in one location. So whether it is GIFs, Vines, Tweets or quotes, you can find them all at BuzzFeed News.

Twitter Project Lightning

The latest application from Twitter is really going to set the industry ablaze and the Twitter Project Lightning app certainly hits the mark. It gathers all the best tweets and anything that is delivered through tweets that is videos, photos and more. Twitter is one of the top places for breaking news and now with this latest application, you will never be far away from the most trending news around the globe. This mobile application is definitely a game changer today.

Apple News

It seems that news applications are hot stuff in the industry today, and the new Apple News application is definitely making heads turn. It is now Apple’s turn to launch an app that makes a difference and this one certainly does. You can choose the news sources along with the stories that you want to be updated upon and always stay in touch with this app, which will come with every iPhone and iPad.

LinkedIn’s Pulse

The LinkedIn Pulse app is incredibly popular and for good measure. It has changed the way that content is shared on LinkedIn and it has allowed businesses to share the latest content and the latest articles. LinkedIn Pulse is definitely a favorite app for many people, since it does so much more than deliver news to people.

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What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Consumer Marketing?

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Business to Business marketing or as it is commonly known B2B marketing is generally based on analytics and education. However, it is not as simple as that and there are lots of different factors that go into B2B marketing. There are similarities between B2B marketing and consumer marketing but there are also something’s that people in B2B marketing can learn from their counterparts. So let’s take a look into what B2B marketers can learn from consumer marketing.

Important Decisions should be taken with Trust and Emotions

When it comes to B2B marketing, trust and emotions are generally absent, since it is one business dealing with another. That needs to change, since you need to form a relationship with a business in order to ensure that you grow as an organization and can then rely on the other business in order to achieve all of your goals and aspirations. This is one area that most B2B marketers fail and if they can incorporate trust and emotions into their dealings they will reap the rewards.

Making Informed Decisions

Another thing that B2B marketers would do well to learn from consumer marketing is taking informed decisions based on the current market trends. A lot of B2B marketers often neglect the market situation and don’t look at the state of the market when they are making their decisions and this will need to change. Every business is affected by the market conditions and if you really want to make a difference in your business dealings then the best way to go about doing that is through B2B marketing.

Adding Discipline and Using Analytics

What consumer marketing thrives upon is discipline in understanding the role of the market and how it influences their consumers. B2B marketers need to learn from this and add it into their marketing strategies in order to ensure that they are doing business with other organizations that share the same values as they do. Discipline is important in any field and industry, and it will help B2B marketers in not only finding the right businesses to trade with but will also ensure that they get the maximum returns from their investments.

Building Long-Term Commitments

One area of B2B marketing that is severely lacking is in the department of building connections with other companies that are in the same field. It is imperative that B2B marketers learn from consumer marketing and understand the importance of creating long-term commitments with their customers. This will be extremely beneficial for businesses, since not only will they enhance their reputation in their respective fields but will also be able to get excellent deals that will result in better returns on investments in the future. Every business needs to form connections, since it will help them become stronger in their own industry and get ahead of their competition.

If you are a B2B marketer and want to know what you can learn from consumer marketing, visit today.

The Top Internet Marketing Trends that Will Dominate this Year

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There are new trends that come about in the internet marketing industry every single year and for digital marketers it has become imperative that they alert and know about these trends to stay ahead of their competition. Each year new internet marketing trends influence the entire dynamics of the industry and businesses have to take advantage of them and incorporate them into their digital marketing strategy as quickly as possible to be ahead of their competition. So if you are looking to lead from the front of the pack, here are the top internet marketing trends that will dominate this year.

Mobile Optimization is the Clear Winner

It has become clear that mobile optimization is the way forward into the future for businesses. Google has already begun giving preference to websites that are mobile-friendly and businesses have to start incorporating mobile optimization in each and every part of their internet marketing plan. As more consumers are beginning to use smartphones while browsing websites and shopping for products it is imperative that businesses optimize their websites to enable access to mobile website users.

Social Media Advertising Spreading Sharply

Another internet marketing trend that is gaining momentum is social media advertisements and businesses have to learn the best ways to ensure that they remain active on social media platforms. Facebook has now started restricting the type of posts that can be viewed in the newsfeed of their users and businesses have to start becoming smarter in their social media advertising campaigns in order to get positive results.

Content Marketing is reaching the Sky

One thing that will remain constant in internet marketing this year is content marketing, which will become even bigger this year. Content sells, however; businesses will have to find new ways in which they can market their brand, products and services through various types of content. The most viable option for most businesses will likely be mobile-content, which will allow their users to view content easily on their mobiles.

Video Content is going to be Big

If businesses really want to make their mark through internet marketing, they will have to spend big on video content, since it is the next big thing. It is quickly becoming the norm and viral videos are being used to promote brands, products and services from businesses. It can also be used to send across messages to the customers and businesses that are looking to invest in a solid strategy need to give video content a shot to get an advantage over their competition.

Humanizing Brands

One of the biggest trends in internet marketing will be the humanizing of brands, which will mean that brands will have to put more focus and emphasis on connecting with their audience. Businesses who connect and engage with their audience on social media are the clear winners hear, since they have formed a connection with their brand and this draws in more consumers and customers who want to experience the same level of commitment from brands.

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5 Super Benefits of Online Marketing for E-Commerce Sites

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Online marketing is certainly the most important activity for all kinds of online businesses whether big or small. Without online marketing, your e-commerce site will only attract dust on the digital highway. In order to make your presence felt in the online arena, you must implement effective online marketing strategies. Below are 5 ways you can benefit from hiring online marketing firm for your e-commerce site.

1. Maximum Online Traffic

Online marketing will maximize traffic of your website. You can funnel maximum number of visitors to your site through an effective digital marketing campaign. The digital landscape contains variety of options to market your business to targeted customers. You can market your website through online ads, social media campaigns, promotional blogs, P.R. news and various other means. Effective use of these options will help you take your online business to the next level, and remain one-step ahead of the competition.

2. Brand Awareness

Online marketing allows you to create brand awareness of your website. Through online marketing, you will be able to create a unique brand image of your website. When people become aware of the brand, and like the products that are sold under the brand name, they will spread the word about your website in their inner social circle. Increased brand awareness of your product will help in attracting maximum number of products to your website thereby boosting online sales of the website.

3. Improved Search Engine Ranking

Getting on top of the search engine ranking is a dream of every online business owner; similar to making it to the list of Forbes 500 list of largest companies. Online marketing can indirectly help your website to appear   on the top of the search engine rank list. How? Well, effective online marketing attracts large number of online visitors; improve social media signals; and makes your e-commerce site the talk of the town. All this makes the search engine notice increased online activity of your site and place it on the top of the search engine result page.

4. Maximize Reach of Your Business

Online marketing allows you to maximize reach of your business. You can overcome barriers of distance in marketing your website to customers located in remote corners of the world. Through online marketing, you can target the right customers that are most likely to purchase the product. You can target your ads based on country, city, town, locality, and even street names.

5. Increased Return on Investment

Finally, online marketing offers increased ROI (return on investment). The amount invested in hiring a professional online marketing company will be more than made up in the form of improved revenues and profit position.

On a final note, online market can serve as a life line for your online business. You can maximize both reach and profitability of your online business through effective online marketing. Contact ADLYTICA if you want to leverage from years of experience in offering effective online marketing services for e-commerce websites.

Insiders Secret: How to Get Rich through Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing in the digital marketing context means advertising goods and services of other online businesses. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need much capital to setup the business. You can earn thousands of dollars in commission for making sale through your affiliate marketing website.

Read below some of the most effective tips on how to get rich through affiliate marketing platform.

1. Never Offer Two of the Same Kinds of Products

Most first time affiliate marketers make the mistake of offering too many products through their affiliate marketing websites. However, the problem with this strategy is that it creates confusion for the customers in picking a specific product.

The more products of the same kind you offer and promote, the less legit your marketing effort will become. If today you market product X and tomorrow Product Z, the sale of both the products will go down. So, if you want to gain the most from affiliate marketing, you must become the brand ambassador of one type of product.

2. Pick Your Merchants Wisely

Note that some merchants are ever ready to cheat marketers out of their hard earned money. They advertise super high commission for attracting affiliate marketers. But when the affiliates bring in large number of customers, they tend to back down and do not give due share for their efforts. That’s why you must research properly before choosing a merchant to advertise the products or services. The best way to protect your back is to sign a legal agreement with the merchant that contains terms of agreement regarding commission structure and other details regarding the affiliate marketing.

3. Promote Products that You Want to Purchase

You must never offer products that you do not want to purchase yourself. Promoting quality products is the only way to earn big through affiliate marketing website. Associating yourself with sub standard products will only harm your own cause. If people have negative experience about bad products offered on the affiliate website, they will think that even the quality products offered on the site are sub standard.

4. Provide Something of Value for the Customers

You must provide something of value for the customer to generate maximum traffic for your affiliate marketing site. By “something of value”, we mean offer something for free to the customers. It can be anything related to the product.

For instance, if you promote weight loss products on your website, you can offer free e-book detailing benefits of weight loss, or tips to effectively lose weight. You can also offer a free BMI calculator or recommended calorie intake calculator for the customers. The goal is to drive maximum traffic to your affiliate marketing site. And if you are successful in attracting maximum visitors to your site, Google will surely take notice and bring your site to the top of search engine ranking.

On a final note, you must know that mobile websites account for about 46% of affiliate clicks and 26% of net sales through affiliate website. So, you must not overlook this platform when running an affiliate marketing strategy. The affiliate marketing platform must be mobile friendly otherwise you would lose thousands of potential customers.

Do you want help in making money through your affiliate-marketing website? If so, ADLYTICA have years of experience in providing effective affiliate marketing services to the clients.

3 Things You Should Consider to Hire the Best Social Media Marketing Company

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Social media marketing is the most effective way to market your online business. Over the past few years, online social media sites have become a second home for most individuals. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ have millions of followers from all over the world. Individuals visit the social media sites to connect with their friends, families, colleagues and other people in their social circle.

Through effective social media marketing strategies, online businesses can funnel maximum number of online visitors to their e-commerce websites. And the best way to market your business in the social media arena is to hire a professional social media marketing company. Read below 3 tips to selecting the best digital social media expert for your website.

1. Experience and Expertise

The first thing you should consider when hiring the social media marketing expert is the experience and expertise of the firm. Generally, the longer the company has been providing social media services to the clients, more experience it will have in running successful social media marketing campaigns.

2. Client Testimonials and Reviews

The next thing you must check out when pinning a social media marketing company for your business is client testimonials and reviews. You must request the digital marketing company to provide you with a list of past clients. You must then contact the clients to find out about the quality of customer services of the digital marketing company. Some of the questions you should ask the clients include:

  • Does the digital marketing company remain within the specified budget when marketing?
  • What is the ROI of their social media marketing campaigns?
  • Does the company provide updates about effectiveness of the marketing campaigns?

The answer to all these questions will help you in getting an overview about the quality of service provided by the social media marketing company. If most of the clients provide positive reviews of the company, you can rest assured that you will get the same good quality social media marketing service.

3. Fee Structure

An important factor to consider when selecting a social media marketing company is the fee structure for the services. You should specifically ask about hidden fees and charges as some do not reveal total fees when providing you a quote for their services. Do they charge by the hour or request a lump sum amount? Does the company provide charge for providing social media marketing reports? Does the company charge extra for contacting customer services? Finding about total costs and charges prior to hiring a social media marketing company will help you home-in on an affordable social media marketing company.

In the end, social media sites are the gold mine for online businesses. If you want to boost sales of your online business website, you must market your business in the social media websites. The money spent in hiring a professional social media company will be more than made up in the form of increased online revenues and profitability. ADLYTICA offers fully customizable social media marketing packages for online businesses.