5 Effective Tips for Digital B2B Marketing

B2B (business to business) marketing means promoting and selling goods to other businesses. This contrasts with business to consumer marketing where the end users are the individuals. In B2B marketing, the product is usually used by other businesses for their own operations.

A B2B marketing plan is slightly different than marketing plan targeted to individuals. With B2B marketing, the companies aim to build long lasting relationship, instead of just promoting goods to the individuals. The audience is not as wide as traditional marketing. Instead it targets the few selected customers using very limited advertising medium.

Here you will learn how to employ B2B marketing strategies to build long term relationship with the targeted customers.

1. Focus on Drawing Attention to Product or Service Quality

In consumer marketing, the main emphasis of the ad is in arousing emotions of the individuals. On the other hand, in B2B marketing, the main aim is to identify quality and value of the products and services. The decision made by businesses is made on quality instead of price. So, the digital ad you create should place emphasis on the quality of products or services.

2. Inform about Cost Saving Benefit to the Business

Unlike consumers, businesses are not that much concerned about the price. Their main concern is whether the product or service will allow them to save cost or increase productivity. When creating B2B digital ads you must write texts or create image ads that show revenue generation and cost optimization benefit of the products or services.

3. Display Ads in the Right Place

With ads for consumer goods, the preferences are social sites where people visit to socialize and connect with others. For B2B digital marketing, you must target sites that are frequently visited by professionals. For instance, placing ads on LinkedIn will increase the chance that it will catch attention of business professionals. Business professionals use LinkedIn for connecting with other professionals. You can place the ad on sites similar to the professional site for advertising.

4. Target Industry Online Forums and Group Pages

Most business professionals visit online forums and group pages that relates to the industry. A number of industry group pages are present on social media sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc. Apart from that, there are online forums that host discussions related to business industry. Placing ads in these online forums and group pages will maximize the chances of being found by corporate people.

5. Make use of EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) Marketing

EDM or electronic direct mail marketing is another effective way to reach business customers. EDM allows you to feature your ad within a third party email campaign. This is usually the case with association or trade driven ad campaigns that target business professionals. This is similar to direct email marketing with the difference that you advertise through third party list.

On a final note, the marketing platform for B2B advertising remains the same as that used for marketing to consumers. However, the ads are targeted differently. The above tips will help in targeting business consumers who would be interested in using your products or services.

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