3 Top Trends in Digital Marketing Services in 2015

The digital technology has been consistently evolving since its inception. New trends and methods are always evolving that change the digital landscape. Companies that stay up to date with the evolving trends benefit the most from digital technologies.

Digital marketing service is one of the evolved outcomes of digital technology. With digital marketing services, companies can effectively market their goods and services to online consumers. Advertising on the digital platform costs little as compared to the cost of placing ads on traditional advertising medium.

Last year, various new trends were experienced in the digital marketing. Companies that were able to exploit the emerging trends in digital marketing made the most benefit from digital advertising. In the year 2015, various new trends were also experienced in digital market platform. Here we take a look at 3 emerging trends in digital marketing that every online business owner must know.

Mobile Friendly Online Ads

An important trend in digital marketing arena is increased focus on being mobile friendly. Whether advertising is being done through website or digital network, marketers these days are increasingly focusing on making ads more mobile friendly. The reason for the trend is that most people now access the web through mobile devices rather than the desktop PCs. Ads that are targeted for desktop PCs do not appear correctly on small screens of mobiles devices.

The digital ad display networks are incorporating additional features that make it easy for firms to target mobile users. You can select various options to create and target ads that look the best on mobile screens.

Design Creativity

Another emerging trend among digital marketing services is increased use of 3D animated image ads. The 3D image ads look like as if they are coming out of the screen, which surely helps in grabbing attention of the mobile users. In addition, a number of online ads now incorporate videos. When the user hovers the mouse over to the ad, the movie starts playing that displays the ad. Both these emerging trends have been shown to increase effectiveness of the digital ads.

Customized Digital Marketing Service

Finally, the firms that provide digital marketing services to the clients are now providing customized customer service. Availability of increased options in digital marketing has allowed digital market service providers to up their game and offer fully customized services that are targeted to the individual websites. This ensures maximum effectiveness of online digital ads that help in improving bottom-line of the company.

On an ending note, the year 2015 is defining new norms in digital marketing services. The shift towards targeting mobile devices can be said to be the most significant trend in digital marketing. The number of users that use mobile platform to access the net is increasing every month. And this fact has been acknowledged by the search engine giant Google as it released an algorithm update of its search engine that favors mobile friendly site.

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