5 Mobile Marketing Solutions to Look for When Selecting a Digital Marketing Company

Every online business needs to devise a mobile marketing strategy to promote goods and services to mobile users. The reason is that more people today use smartphones to access the net as compared to desktop PCs. Mobile searches have increased at a geometric rate over the years. Due to the growing number of people that use mobile to access the net, Google the search engine giant released an update that gave more preference to mobile friendly sites.

Marketing on mobile platform is similar to making ads for desktop PCs. However, you have more variety when it comes to mobile marketing. Below are 5 mobile marketing solutions you must look for when selecting a digital marketing company.

1. Mobile Social Media Marketing

The digital marketing company must provide social media marketing solution. Social media are sites that people use to connect with their friends, family, office colleagues and various other people in the online arena. Millions of people have their profile on the social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Facebook is the number one social media site that has around a billion social media “fans”. These social media sites provide the perfect opportunity for companies to market their goods and services.

Since most of the individuals use their mobile devices to access social media sites, you can target these individuals using the mobile advertising. A digital marketing company can offer you the right mobile marketing tools to advertise and promote your products on the mobile devises.

2. App Marketing

Apart from browsing, most people use mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets. You can reach these individuals by utilizing the mobile marketing tools offered by digital marketing companies. You don’t have to create an app to advertise through this medium.

A number of ad networks allow you to advertise your products and services on the mobile app. For instance, Google Mobile App allows online business owners to advertise their services on the mobile apps. Facebook also offers mobile app advertising and promotional tools.

3. Location Based Mobile Marketing

The third mobile marketing you should look for is location based mobile marketing. This marketing ad simply means targeting ads to people based on their geographic location. Through this method, you can target the ads according to country, city, locality, and towns. In some cases, advertisers can also market to people within just 1 mile radius from a specific location.

4. Mobile Image Ads

Another effective marketing solution is image based ads. The image ads appear on the mobile devices of users. These ads appear on various places such as websites, search results page, and within game and mobile apps.

5. Mobile Video Ads

Finally, you must select a company that offers mobile video ads for the users. Mobile video ads are similar to mobile image ads except they are in the form of videos. The ads run on popular video sites such as YouTube, Daily motion, and various other marketing mediums.

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