Search Marketing: 3 Top Tips for Digital Marketing in Google Search

Google search is the behemoth of search engine that attracts billions of users a month from all around the world. There is no denying about the phenomenal popularity of the search engine among online visitors. People use the search engine to search for information, find places, browse images, and for various other purposes.

One of the most popular uses of the search engine is in researching about products or services before making a purchase decision. This gives online business owners great opportunity to connect with qualified customers that are more likely to purchase a product or service. Here we will provide you with 3 best search marketing tips for online businesses.

1. Know Your Target Market

Before you use search marketing to promote your products or services, you must determine the target market for the ad. The good thing about search marketing is that you can effectively target the ads based on country, city, town, and other location metrics. This ensures that you target the right people who are more likely to purchase what you are offering.

Targeting ads in this way also increases the conversion rate of the digital search ad. Conversion rate simply refers to the percentage of people that made the purchase after clicking on the ad. Targeting search marketing ads can certainly boost conversion rates of the ads.

2. Select the Right Keywords

The second most important advice in search marketing is to choose the right keywords for the online ad. Know that apart from location, customers are also targeted using relevant keywords. Simply put, it means that the ad displayed on the screen of users that typed your keywords in the search bar. In order to increase the effectiveness of the online search ad, you must select the right keywords that are related to the website.

Google Keywords tool is the best when it comes to searching for high impression keywords that relate to your website. You just have to enter your site in the keyword search box and you will be presented with a list of highly relevant keywords relevant to your website. The ideal keyword is one with low competition and high impression.

Note that impression of the keyword means average number of times people entered the term in the search box in a month. On the other hand, keyword competition means the demand for the keyword among competitors.

3. Make Smart Bidding

The third most important tip for search marketing is to make smart bidding for the keywords. Bidding in digital marketing context means the costs per click or impression of the keyword. The higher you bid for the keywords, higher it will appear on the search result pages. But you must bid smartly when it comes to bidding for the keywords. You should manually place bids for keywords that have medium competition with around 10,000 to 15,000 average monthly searches. Instead of bidding for one or more high impression keywords, you must bid for a large number of these keywords to gain the most benefit from search marketing.

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