7 Top Affiliate Programs to Earn Money in the Digital Platform

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective, and affordable ways to setup an online business. The marketing concept allows affiliates to earn up to $10,000 per month or even more by selling products or services of an online merchant. Individuals can setup affiliate-marketing business without spending much on setting up an affiliate program.

However, you must note that affiliate marketing is not that easy as it had been in the past. The affiliate marketing landscape has become ultra competitive. The market is saturated with affiliates that market similar products to the customers.

In such a situation, how can you make money through an affiliate-marketing program?

The answer is to select the most profitable affiliate programs that offer big bucks to the affiliates. Below we have compiled a list of 7 best affiliate programs through which you can make great money.

  1. Amazon

Amazon has a range of products and services that you can offer to the customers. The affiliate marketing program offered by Amazon serves as an entry point for most affiliates.

  1. Themes Marketplace

Themes Marketplace offers a great affiliate program. The company offers professional website templates to website developers. You can sign up for the affiliate program to earn great commission by selling their product online.

  1. EBay Partner Network

EBay Partner Network provides all the required tools that make it easy for affiliates to sell goods and services. The affiliate program is popular among affiliates due to strong online presence of the company.

  1. ClickBank

ClickBank offers a huge library of products targeted to millions of people all over the world. The affiliate program is popular among beginner affiliates. The company keeps evolving its affiliate rules and disclosures to ensure maximum effectiveness of the affiliate program.

  1. Google Affiliate Network

Google affiliate network provides great support to help affiliates increase online sales and monetize their traffic with the ads. The affiliate program is a PPA (pay per action) network that offers commission to the affiliates for driving conversions i.e. leads or sales. You need to create a Google Adsense account to post ads on the affiliate blog or website.

  1. eVerify

eVerify is a best affiliate program for background check program. The program offers handsome commission to the sellers. Affiliates earn great amount of money on making the sale. A number of marketing tools are provided to the affiliates such as keywords for running pay per click campaign, readymade videos that you can upload in video sites, articles to post on article categories and much more.

  1. U.S. Medical Supplies

Lastly, U.S. Medical Supplies is a great affiliate program that offers great commission on sales. Affiliates can choose different types of medical equipment and supplies to sell to individuals. The affiliate program is best for people who have kept a blog that relates to medical supplies and equipment for domestic households.

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